Our Story

The Maker, Shannon Hiramoto

My grandmother, Mildred Hiramoto, taught me to sew when I was 14. My first project was a pair of shorts using her stash of vintage polyester fabric. Next we made carseat covers for my '69 VW Squareback. After that it was a flurry of sewing everything I could imagine. My grandmother passed in 2011 and I miss her everyday---sewing is one way to keep her spirit close. I started my company/experiment called Machinemachine in 2007 and am continually excited about meeting customers and making things everyday! I live with my husband (Josh) and our 5 year old daughter (Charli) on the Southside of Kauai, where I was born + raised. ---Thank you! Shannon


100% Happily Handmade on Kaua'i

 Happy clothing: Seeking to dress the world in delightful and ethically made, non-sweatshop, human-centered garments. Machinemachine was established in 2007

Happy customers: With the purchase of our dresses comes complimentary alteration services. It's my goal that machinemachine garments are worn for years and years!

Happy planet: In 2019 I reaffirmed a mission to use majority secondhand materials to create machinemachine products. This means most of our garments, accessories, and home goods are made with vintage, upcycled, and donated fabrics and raw materials. I'm happy to say I'm no longer buying ANY new fabric.  

Comfort, Fit, Quality

 Machinemachine garments are designed for maximum comfort without sacrificing style.

Many customers are pleased with the no-nonsense packability and versatility of our garments---making them ideal for travel and all-day wear. One of the most common refrains I hear is: "I live in this dress!"  

Craftsmanship is extremely important to me. In the modern era of fast flimsy fashion, I am proud to offer customers another option. 


Our Studio + Storefront 

In 2012 I opened my first Studio/Storefront called Workshop in Old Hanapepe town. I relocated in 2016 to Warehouse 3540 in Lawai---keeping the name Workshop and expanding the concept by welcoming my creative father, Charlie, into the mix. In our new space he's built out a sweet printmaking studio home to two letterpresses and one etching press, on which he prints cards and tees with hand set type and handcarved blocks under the moniker Goofy Foot Prints (sorry no website, he's analog!)

We closed the shop in March 2020 (oh hello, Covid-19)---and we've decided to make that closure permanent. Sad apologies to those we were not able to say a final goodbye to! Optimistically, though, I'm retaining a workspace on the the other side of Warehouse 3540, which will be utilized as a classroom, club, studio, meeting space called Small Craft Advisory.  This unplanned yet critical time of reflection has allowed me to listen to my heart + focus more on sharing/learning with my community through creativity. I have no plans for a future storefront, as I reset machinemachine's compass to point toward service rather than production. I'm open to suggestions, ideas, and feedback as I head in a new direction!


Buy Back Program

One of my great desires is that my pieces do not contribute to the wasteful fashion industry. I want my clothing to be long-loved and worn for years, beyond seasonal trends. If a customer becomes bored with one of my pieces, I ask that they bring it to my shop --Workshop-- and I will exchange their gently worn garment for 30% off one new machinemachine garment (non-sale items only). Meanwhile their used dress, skirt, blouse, or pant are able to be re-sold as secondhand machinemachine for a nice economical price to another customer. Hopefully everyone wins with this Buy Back Program.


Easy Returns & Exchanges

Send your item back if anything doesn't work for you for a refund or exchange. Contact us for more information about the process. 


Shipping Methods

 We ship domestic and international via the United States Postal Service. If an item is under 13 ounces it will go First Class, if it is 14+ ounces it will ship Priority Mail. Orders are packed and shipped in 2-5 days. If you need express services, please contact us. 


Website Inventory

You may notice my webshop is empty from time to time. Everything we make is one-of-a-kind and extremely limited, thus sometimes our online inventory is low. I apologize for the disappointment and inconvenience! Please stand-by and check back frequently. We usually re-stock monthly. An easy way to check up on our next online upload is to follow along via Instagram (@machinemachine)